Digital Dentistry

From digital radiography to e-scriptions, from computerized case presentations to CAD/CAM restorations fabricated chairside, and from digitally based “surgical guides” and imaging for implant placement to digital impressions, technology is changing the face of dentistry and its clinical outcomes. Consultations and collaborations between doctors and lab technicians can be conducted more quickly and perhaps with more detailed and immediate information. What’s more, such teamwork is not limited by geographic boundaries. As far as the Internet can reach is the breadth of a given practitioner’s referral network.

Using digital technologies in Modern Dental Group has enabled us earlier and better detection of diseases in the oral cavity.

We can find dental disease—periodontal disease or caries—very early on and treat it right away in order to prevent major trauma to our patients.

Modern Dental Group’s, in-office 3D imaging unit enables us, for example, to scan a patient’s jaws to begin examining developmental issues or previously “invisible” pathology. If our dentists are going to perform orthodontics, surgery, or place implants, they can now start to see where teeth are, where nerves are, and where sinuses are, which prevent major post-operative complications.

The digital impression generated by the CEREC saves time, in addition to being much more comfortable for the patient than a conventional impression. Unlike physical impressions, digital impressions are immune to dimensional changes. This results in superior precision.

The digital impression can be viewed immediately by our dentists and dental lab technician. This means that they can discuss the case over the phone while the patient is still in the chair. We can even make final adjustments to the preparation without multiple visits. The results, Highly esthetic crowns, bridges, and Veneers.

CEREC station in the office

Vadadent Dental Group Utilizes Advanced Technology for Your Care

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