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child in dentist chairMilk, formula, fruit juices, and other kinds of sweet drinks, can cause what’s referred to as baby bottle tooth decay. Baby bottle tooth decay is a relatively common condition that occurs when a child is exposed to sugary liquids. The condition may also come about as a result of breastfeeding, in which case it is known as nursing decay. As a leading provider, we offer specialized baby bottle syndrome treatment at Modern Dental Group.

If you believe that your child may be suffering from baby bottle tooth decay, please do not hesitate to contact our office to visit our dental specialist for children today.

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How Does Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Occur?

When a child drinks sugary liquids, these liquids can pool around the front teeth. The sugars then feed bacteria, which can lead to plaque. This decay can present itself in a distinctive pattern as acid attacks the front teeth closest to where feeding occurs.

In addition to the drinks already mentioned, pacifiers that are dipped in honey, syrup, or any other sweet substance can lead to baby bottle tooth decay syndrome. At Modern Dental Group the last thing we would ever do is blame parents for this unfortunate, and very common, occurrence. Frequently, first-time parents may be unaware of the effects of excessive exposure to milk. Thankfully, modern baby bottle tooth decay treatments with our specialist and our staff can help restore the health of your child’s teeth so you and your family can put baby bottle tooth decay syndrome behind you. We will also, of course, help you identify the specific cause or causes of your child’s dental decay and help you alter feeding practices or take other necessary measures.

Baby Bottle Decay Syndrome Treatment at Our Offices

Our children specialist and the entire staff at our practice are committed to not only providing the most beneficial possible procedures for children who suffer from baby bottle decay syndrome but also making them feel comfortable when it comes to receiving treatment. If you believe that your child may be suffering from tooth decay, contact Modern Dental Group for Children today. As the leading provider of baby bottle tooth decay treatment, we are able to determine the cause and suggest the appropriate treatment of your child’s dental problems.

Baby bottle tooth decay treatment options have progressed dramatically. At our office children no longer have to suffer the embarrassment of steel crowns. Instead, with the placement of white dental crowns or porcelain dental crowns, your child can enjoy a beautiful, natural-looking smile. After addressing the decay, the pedodontist places crowns over the affected teeth to virtually erase any sign of your child’s dental issue.

Key Benefits of Dental Crown Treatment

The treatment of baby bottle tooth decay with dental crowns at our office offers a number of important benefits:

  • Teeth achieve normal functioning
  • Provides an esthetically pleasing tooth replacement
  • Avoids the embarrassment associated with steel crowns

Key Benefits of Porcelain Dental Crown Treatment

Always on the cutting edge of pediatric dentistry, our office provides baby bottle decay syndrome treatment with the most highest-quality material available, natural-looking porcelain.

  • Achieves superior esthetics through the natural translucence and vitality of porcelain
  • Looks less opaque as porcelain reflects light most like natural tooth enamel
  • No laminated layers as the all-porcelain crown is strong by virtue of its wholeness